My name is Rhonda Moody and I’m the creator of Eight Palms ST. Helena. I love to write about finding contentment at home. I focus on embracing the seasons to putter + nest, find peace and comfort in rhythms + routines, get inspired to gather + welcome others into our home, and care for our well-being by keeping our life and home clean + simple. I’m also a bestselling author of many books on the home.

It makes me so happy that so many women resonate with my thoughts on home. Eight Palms ST. Helena has continued each year to be included in lists of top design blogs.

I am budget conscious but also appreciate good design and a well-kept home. I don’t think you have to have one without the others!

Partnerships & Publicity:

While this blog has grown and spread its wings over the years, my focus and passion has remained the same. I’m thrilled by all the opportunities to share Eight Palms ST. Helena’s mission.

My previous kitchen remodel was featured in a five page spread in the September 2018 issue, photos of my home and interviews have been featured in numerous newspapers, several national home magazines, podcasts, radio shows and other publications.

For advertising opportunities site wide or to receive our media kit, please email [email protected]